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Can disposable medical masks filter smog?

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  Now the air pollution is serious, especially in winter, the haze comes from time to time, the haze once inhaled into the human body will pose a threat to health. You are each a coup, but most of them are with masks to keep out, but now the website and selling shops as well as the medical store brand "dust-proof and haze surgical masks" products are full of beautiful things in eyes, let a person see spent eyes, then what on earth can filter the disposable surgical masks haze, the Qingdao sea son small make up for everyone to look at the biological co., LTD.

  Disposable medical masks include general medical masks, medical surgical masks and medical protective masks, among which medical protective masks have the highest protection level. It is made of three layers of material, the inner layer is mostly non-woven cloth, the middle layer is ultrafine polypropylene fiber melt jet material layer, the outer layer is non-woven cloth or ultra-thin polypropylene melt jet material. Its filtration effect on small virus aerosol or harmful dust of dawn hydraulic filter core is significant, and its barrier to non-oily particles in the air, filtration efficiency ≧95%.

  Although the mask filters well, it doesn't filter completely. Because, haze not only contains non-oily particulate matter, such as dust, acid fog, coal dust, cement dust, microbes; It also contains oily particulate matter, such as oil fume, oil mist, bitumen fume, coke oven fume and diesel exhaust. For oily particulate matter, gaseous chemicals, medical protective masks can not be completely filtered.
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