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What are the advantages of non-woven masks

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  Everyone should be familiar with masks. There are many kinds of masks on the market, including gauze masks, non-woven masks and dust masks. Therefore, today's disposable masks make up a simple introduction to most users about the advantages of non-woven masks.

  There are two types of non-woven masks. One is made of pure cotton or absorbent gauze on a knitted fabric surface. The other is made directly from nonwoven fabrics. But now the latest variety is the surface and back are non-woven material, the middle will be sandwicked with a layer of filter paper, such non-woven mask filtering effect has been improved. What are the advantages of non-woven masks?

  Non-woven cloth mask favored by people, mainly because it has the following advantages: good air permeability, non-woven cloth is better than other fabrics air permeability, if there is a filter paper in non-woven cloth, its filter will be better; At the same time, non-woven masks have higher thermal insulation, good water absorption and water resistance than ordinary masks. Additional, non-woven cloth face film has flexibility, even if left and right stretch also won't appear dishevelled phenomenon, its feel is good, very soft, although be washed for many times, also won't harden under sunshine irradiation. The non-woven cloth mask is elastic and will return to its original state after long-term use.

  However, it also has a few shortcomings: non-woven cloth mask compared with other textile fabrics, strength and durability is poor, and not easy to clean, if the usual care is not appropriate, prone to tear phenomenon.
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