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How to choose and wear a mask to effectively prevent disease

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  With the development of the society, people's living standards are constantly improving, but at this time the air pollution is becoming more and more serious, many people will wear masks when traveling to protect their health, so consumers should how to choose the appropriate mask, if wearing masks can effectively prevent diseases. The following small series of disposable masks for users to briefly introduce, hope to help you.

  When choosing a mask, we should consider the type. According to different materials, medical masks can be divided into three levels: general, disinfection and sterilization. They fall into two types: reusable and disposable. However, there are many kinds of masks on the market, such as cartoon masks, personalized masks and characteristic masks. However, these are not the same masks, and they have no antibacterial properties.

  You should know that masks are made up of multiple layers of gauze. Many users may think that masks will block viruses after a few months, but this is not the case. In general, it works best on floors 12 to 18. When buying, it is recommended to choose independent small package mask products to avoid secondary pollution.

  Proper ways to wear disposable medical masks:

  Keep your hands clean before and after wearing a mask. You should wear a mask according to the packaging instructions, including the fastening cord for the mask to be pressed tightly to your face. If the mask is too loose and does not fit the face, air can enter the side gap and cannot be prevented.

  It has to completely cover the nose and mouth, and some people just don't have the right mouth because the nose is the main way in and out of the body. Masks should not be worn side by side, as bacteria can be easily absorbed from the outside. If the outside is not clean, it is easy to get infected by bacteria.

  People tend to sweat and wet masks. Once the mask is moist, it is not effective against the virus. At this point, you should change the mask. It is a good idea to have several masks ready for replacement and cleaning. Do not wear the facial mask for too long, 6 hours is the upper limit commonly. Otherwise, you won't be able to breathe fresh air for a long time, which will lower your resistance. If you want to take the mask off for a breath, you should go to a clean area where there is no virus infection and where people are not concentrated.
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