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Daily life with traditional Chinese medicine mask expired how to do

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  What to do if a traditional Chinese medicine mask is out of date:

  As we all know, the air is so polluted that people wear masks when they go out. However, many people buy disposable medical masks to ensure their health. However, few people know that medical masks still have their expiration date, so they should expire. The following disposable masks are briefly introduced to netizens, hoping to help you.

  The quality requirement of medical mask is high, which is composed of mask body and tensioning band. The main body of the mask can be divided into three layers: the inner layer, the middle layer and the outer layer. The inner layer is ordinary sanitary gauze or non-woven cloth, the middle layer is ultrafine polypropylene fiber melt material layer, and the outer layer is non-woven or ultra-thin polypropylene melt material layer. The outer layer is designed to prevent droplets, the middle layer is filtered, the inner layer is hygroscopic, and the mask is made of non-woven fabric. Designed to protect doctors from droplets and spatter, the mask filters particles at just over 30 percent and bacteria at more than 95 percent. This three-layer configuration makes the parvovirus filter very good, and the material is non-toxic, making it a very good medical mask.

  In fact, medical masks can not only be carried by doctors at any time, but also be used by ordinary residents to protect their respiratory system and ensure their health. Failure of a medical mask is not allowed for clinical use, but if the mask package is not damaged or contaminated, personal protection can be used. For safety reasons, it is recommended to disinfect before handling or switch to a new product. As in general operations, surgical masks used by surgeons are disposable masks that are discarded after one use to ensure the safety of the next operation, and brand new medical masks will be used.
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