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What should I pay attention to when wearing a disposable medical mask?

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  What to pay attention to when wearing disposable medical masks in daily life:

  Social development faster and faster now, but we live in a natural environment is becoming more and more bad, often occurs in many places the fog weather, so people often wear masks during the trip, but a lot of people wear often overlooked details of disposable masks below small make up to make up for a simple introduce to the users, there are together and have a look.

  Wear a mask when you are sick or go to the hospital for treatment. In winter, the elderly, the weak and the sick are advised to wear masks. Most colored masks are made of chemical fibers that are not breathable and have a chemically pungent odor that can harm the respiratory tract. Qualified masks are made of gauze and non-woven cloth.

  Exhausted chaos, not timely clean up unscientific. Masks can accumulate bacteria after four to six hours, and they should be washed daily. Don't run with masks, because outdoor exercise usually requires a lot of oxygen, and masks may cause poor breathing or even hypoxia of the organs, which can have very serious consequences. When wearing a mask, cover most of the area under the mouth, nose and eye sockets. The edge of the mask should be close to the face, but care should be taken not to affect vision.
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