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A brief analysis of the advantages of medical mask materials

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  Now everyone should not unfamiliar for disposable masks, especially in public places, special hospital bacteria, so everyone during the trip will often see a lot of people wear masks, so if it is a surgical masks, can prevent the bacteria enter the body, the disposable surgical masks below small make up to the user a simple introduction, hope can help you.

  The material of a medical mask is the filter cloth used to absorb bacteria and viruses and block pathogens. The N95 filter material is used in a dense filter layer to filter out particles and effectively block fly rubbing, blood, body fluids and secretions. The mask strap is two long strips that pass through the holes on either side of the mask. The nose clip is located in the upper center of the filter layer, between the compact layer and the filter layer. The material is a metal or metal-plastic compound that is malleable and strong, making it easy to seal the nose when worn.

  It can be said that the medical mask is a good article to protect the infection between medical staff and patients, so the production must meet the national requirements, so that the bacterial filtration efficiency can reach more than 95%, which is the important role of the best medical mask.
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