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How does a disposable medical mask protect against dust

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  How disposable medical masks protect against dust:

  With the continuous development of society, the continuous improvement of science and technology, although the natural environment pollution is more and more serious, as long as people wear a mask to go out, so at present people are wearing surgical masks, so how to prevent dust surgical masks, the following small series for users to provide a simple introduction, I hope to help you.

  Generally speaking, in order to effectively protect the body, there are certain requirements on the size of the mask, which must cover the mouth and nose of the person, so that the person can breathe freely. Generally speaking, the size of adult medical masks is mostly 18 * 9, while the size of children's medical masks is 15 * 9.

  Medical masks are made of non-woven fabrics. This material does not need to be woven. It's made of some fibers that have been glued together.

  Medical masks can effectively prevent fine dust in the air, especially respirable dust under 2.5 microns, which can directly enter the alveoli and cause great harm to human body. Medical masks pass through the gauze layer by layer to block dust, which is absorbed by the gauze and allows fresh air to enter the respiratory system. So it is necessary to wear masks in smoggy weather.
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